Getting Started in Adobe Lightroom 2

Lightroom is an outstanding application available for both Windows and Macintosh computers. It is primarily intended for professional photographers, but can be successfully used by anyone who is motivated enough to learn it. In my opinion it is actually much easier to learn and use than Adobe Photoshop. (Photoshop is still necessary for many purposes, especially for images other than photographs.)

Lightroom is great for working with multiple images. Lightroom competes with Apple’s Aperture application. Aperture, however, is only available on the Macintosh.

For more information about Lightroom, take a look at these excellent “Get Started in Lightroom 2” screencasts from Ben Turner and Practical Photography magazine:

There are six parts in this series. Here is a brief overview of the contents:

1. Intro and overview

2. Library module —
(0 – 4:20 introduction, compare view, survey view; 4:20-4:50 keywording; 4:50 – searching by keywords, colors, ratings

3. Develop module introduction

4. Develop module – advanced  (0-5:00 graduated filter tool;  5:00 – Adjustment brush tool)

5. Print module

6. Web module


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