The Olympus PEN Story

The Olympus PEN, which started out as a half-frame* film camera in 1959, is celebrating its 50th anniversary.  It now digital, and has many of the features of a digital SLR (single lens reflex) camera, but is much more compact since it doesn’t have a mirror for the viewfinder.  (For those of you familiar with rangefinder film cameras of old, it is similar to a rangefinder camera.)

Olympus has put together a really cool (and, I think, artistically beautiful in its way) video promoting the new digital PEN camera. According to Olympus they shot 60,000 still images in creating this video. I just had to share this with someone, so here it is.

* A “half frame” 35mm camera used negatives that were half the size of a 35mm negative (18 x 24 mm instead of 24 x 36).


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