Online Exhibit: Speech and Hearing Sciences 40th Anniversary

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the UNC Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences (DSHS), the UNC Health Sciences Library and the DSHS have collaborated to present an exhibit highlighting the activities of speech and hearing professionals, with an emphasis on the specialty areas of UNC faculty.

In addition to the physical exhibit at the main entrance of the Health Sciences Library, there is an online exhibit at:

The online exhibit includes several video and audio interviews with Speech and Hearing faculty, students, and clients.

Professor Molly Losh (l) and interviewer Anne Humphries (r)

Anne Humphries conducted the interviews and I recorded and edited them.  I hope to go into more detail in another post about the tools I used and the challenges involved in this project, but in brief I used a Tascam DR-07 audio recorder and with a Sony FX 1000 video camera, and took photographs with my Canon digital SLR cameras. I edited the interviews using Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, and Adobe Soundbooth. I used Apple Compressor to compress and export the videos.


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