Learning Adobe Software: User Groups

Most professionals in the field would no doubt agree that Adobe leads in the field of multimedia software with its Creative Suite programs. There are of course competitors to Adobe, but as a comprehensive set of tools, Adobe can’t be beat.

There are many ways to learn to use these tools (and there is always more to learn). One great way is to learn from and network with other local Adobe users.

Adobe sponsors user groups, and in July I attended meetings of two of them. The Raleigh Adobe InDesign user group (http://www.indesignusergroup.com/chapters/raleigh/) featured a presentation on new features of Adobe InDesign 6, and the Carolina Adobe User Group (http://www.meetup.com/Carolina-Adobe-User-Group/) hosted a presentation on Adobe Bridge.  For more information or to become involved in these groups, check out their websites. They will be happy to hear from you!

One big advantage of  local user groups is that in addition to learning from presentations, you also can learn by comparing notes with others and by becoming involved as an active participant. This can be a great way to enhance your professional credentials and to learn by doing.

Another great way to increase your expertise is through online video tutorials. Adobe TV (http://tv.adobe.com/) is a great source of free tutorials.

If you can afford it, conferences such as Adobe MAX (http://max.adobe.com/) and PhotoshopWorld (see http://photoshopuser.com) provide immersive experiences in multimedia technology. These national annual conferences are great, but when you add up the costs of travel, hotels, and registration, they can be quite pricey.


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