How to inexpensively host videos that appear on your blog

It is a truism to say that video has become ubiquitous among computer users. People are constantly viewing computer videos, and more and more people are creating their own.  No doubt practically everyone who has a blog or website has considered adding videos to it. Which brings up the question of how to host videos you want to display. VideoPress and YouTube are two good options.

VideoPress:  VideoPress ( is the solution offered by WordPress, and for $60 per year, you get a lot: very high quality and reliability, ease of use, privacy and embedding options, and ad-free playback. The $60 yearly fee is per blog, but you can easily use one blog to host your videos, then embed them on your other blogs.

YouTube:  You can host videos at no cost by putting them on a YouTube channel. You can easily embed YouTube videos into a WordPress blog by copying the YouTube video’s embed code (revealed by clicking the “Share” button underneath the video), then pasting the code into a blog post.

If the video is on your own YouTube channel, you can change its privacy setting to “unlisted” which allows you to embed a video on a blog but prevent it from appearing on your YouTube channel (even though it is hosted by your YouTube channel).

One disadvantage to YouTube is the fact that your video may appear in close proximity to other videos that you wouldn’t want it to be associated with. Even if it is unlisted, a viewer can get to it on YouTube by clicking on the YouTube link in the lower-right corner of the video.

An Example: Embedding an unlisted YouTube video into a blog post

The following video is an example of an unlisted YouTube video. This video is on my YouTube channel:, but it doesn’t appear on the channel because I set its privacy setting  to Unlisted.  Even though it is unlisted, embedding is turned on,  which allows it to be embedded in a WordPress blog post, as shown below.


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