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Backup your computer!

For some time now, I’ve had the nagging feeling that my rather sloppy, ad hoc approach to backing up my computers and drives could get me into trouble. For the most part I’ve been lucky so far but I know that one day a hard drive will crash. So I’m in the midst of doing major backups and developing a more systematic backup strategy. I’ll write more about the strategy and tools I’m using in another post coming soon.

In the meantime,  here is a story about a near-disaster saved by backups. The writer is a Mac user, but the lessons apply to Windows users as well.

MacBook Woe: A tale of a near Mac disaster, averted by good backups | Macworld.

Steve Jobs

In my life I’ve bought several Mac computers, beginning with the SE around 1989. I just loved it. It was portable, had a neat built-in screen, and allowed you to do things like change fonts, do page layout, and some other things that IBM and Microsoft probably hadn’t even thought of, much less developed.

What made it special to me was not just the cool design,  but that it was a tool that I could relate to and that helped me imagine (and create) a creative future for myself. I’m typing this on a Mac now… I use it every day. Thanks Steve Jobs, what you did is an inspiration for all of us.


Many photographers use photoblogs to promote and market their work and services. Photoblogs can be great sources of information and inspiration for photographers, as well as for anyone who likes to look at beautiful images.  This post describes photoblogs and provides some examples. I’ll talk about how to create a photoblog in a future post.

Photoblogs are blogs that are made up primarily of photos. But photoblogs usually includes more than just pictures. (If pictures are the only content you want to publish, it would be easier to use an online photo hosting service like Zenfolio, Smugmug, or Flickr.)

The advantage of a photoblog is that it provides a historical or autobiographical dimension.  Text gives context to the  images. Often a photoblog resembles a journal or a documentary. Photoblogs are a good way to tell a story with your pictures.

Here are a few photoblogs I have looked at and benefited from. Some of these bloggers are quite well known; others aren’t.  Some of the blogs are oriented towards illustrating photography techniques; others are more personal explorations of art and ideas.

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Welcome to the revised Instructional Media blog!

Thanks for visiting Instructional Media.  This blog has existed for a couple of years, but I’ve recently revised the design. I hope you like it. Continue reading ‘Welcome to the revised Instructional Media blog!’

Two new blogs for Allied Health

We have created two new blogs, one for Speech and Hearing Sciences and one for Occupational Science and Therapy. We are excited about these blogs, and hope that they will serve as effective vehicles for learning and sharing knowledge in health affairs.

Carolina Digital Story Lab

The Carolina Digital Story Lab is an innovative UNC student group and website that is working to gather stories, facilitate conversations about student life, and teach students how to use digital storytelling tools (such as cameras, microphones, and software) to tell their stories.

From the Carolina Digital Story Lab website:

Welcome to the Lab!

We are a UNC student group that promotes digital literacy on and off campus by making stories with each other.

We are a service-oriented student group.

The Carolina Digital Story Lab seeks to empower students, community members, and local organizations to make digital stories of all kinds. Creating projects about the stuff we do in our community and about our own personal experiences is a great way to get familiar with digital media production. Students provide training, services, and resources to our campus community so that we can increase the number of people who can tell their own stories through digital technology.

via Carolina Digital Story Lab.

Fall, 2010 Tri-IT Conference info and links

See the tri-it wiki at (the wiki is hosted by CIT,  Duke University).  Tri-IT is a twice-yearly gathering of instructional technology colleagues from universities and colleges in the Triangle and Triad areas in North Carolina. This Fall’s meeting took  place at UNC-Chapel Hill on Thursday, Dec. 12, 2010. Continue reading ‘Fall, 2010 Tri-IT Conference info and links’