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Two new blogs for Allied Health

We have created two new blogs, one for Speech and Hearing Sciences and one for Occupational Science and Therapy. We are excited about these blogs, and hope that they will serve as effective vehicles for learning and sharing knowledge in health affairs.


Online Exhibit: Speech and Hearing Sciences 40th Anniversary

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the UNC Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences (DSHS), the UNC Health Sciences Library and the DSHS have collaborated to present an exhibit highlighting the activities of speech and hearing professionals, with an emphasis on the specialty areas of UNC faculty.

In addition to the physical exhibit at the main entrance of the Health Sciences Library, there is an online exhibit at:

The online exhibit includes several video and audio interviews with Speech and Hearing faculty, students, and clients.

Professor Molly Losh (l) and interviewer Anne Humphries (r)

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Rehabilitation Counseling and Psychology Focus Group

In February, Barbara Renner and I conducted a focus group session with graduate students from the Division of Rehabilitation Counseling and Psychology (Department of Allied Health Sciences) about services provided to them by HSL. Barbara conducted the interview and I video-recorded and edited it.

Royalty-Free Music Resources

I’ve saved some links to some royalty-free sources of music to this Diigo page: You may find these to be good places to find music to add to videos.

If you are using iMovie, a good source of background music (and sound effects) is in the iLife sound effects folder that is included with Apple iLife.

PEARLS videos are now online!

The PEARLS (Program for Early Autism Research, Leadership & Service) videos were produced and edited with the help of the Health Sciences Library. This video shows Connie Wang introducing the PEARLS project.

To view all of the PEARLS videos, see the PEARLS website at, or go to the UNC Allied Health Sciences YouTube channel at

New Rehabilitation Counseling and Psychology Website

The new UNC-Chapel Hill Rehabilitaiton Counseling and Psychology website, at, includes several photographs taken by HSL staff and a video produced by a RCP graduate student (Tess Dealberdi) trained by us at the HSL media studios.