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Learning Adobe Software: User Groups

Most professionals in the field would no doubt agree that Adobe leads in the field of multimedia software with its Creative Suite programs. There are of course competitors to Adobe, but as a comprehensive set of tools, Adobe can’t be beat.

There are many ways to learn to use these tools (and there is always more to learn). One great way is to learn from and network with other local Adobe users. Continue reading ‘Learning Adobe Software: User Groups’


Creating Timelapse videos using After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a powerful motion graphics program. In this video, After Effects expert Rich Harrington shows how to combine still images into a timelapse using After Effects.


Photo Tips from National Geographic

A Point of View:  Nothing will improve your photography faster or make you look more “creative” than a fresh viewpoint, says photographer Jim Richardson.

from National Geographic at

Welcome to my revised blog

I decided to merge two blogs into one, and this is it. I’ve imported posts from my Instructional Specialist blog and Multimedia and Web 2.0 blog into this new blog. I did this because after working with the two other blogs for a little while I realized it is hard to clearly differentiate the content into two blogs, and that I could do that more effectively using categories and tags within one blog.

Still, there are two general kinds of posts in this blog. Some posts are about instructional technology tools and techniques for using them effectively. Other posts are about projects in which these tools have been used (primarily collaborations between the Health Sciences Library and UNC Health Affairs schools).  I hope these two kinds of posts will reinforce each other.

I hope you like this blog. Let me know if you have suggestions for making it better. Thanks!

Capturing videos of desktop activity with Jing

Jing is a great tool for quickly creating screencasts (images or video of your desktop). Jing is a product of Techsmith, the company that makes Camtasia.

In this video I describe how to capture video with Jing. Thanks for watching!