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Uploading posters to a blog

There are several reasons you may want to upload posters to a blog, such as to make posters presented at a conference publicly available, to publicize a research project, or to display posters from a class. If you are teaching a class that includes a poster assignment, it would be nice to upload class posters so that students can see what their classmates have done and also to promote their work.

But what file format should you use?  And how will they appear on the blog once you upload them?

Uploading posters: file types

You probably used either PowerPoint or InDesign to create your poster. The file formats you are most likely to consider for uploading to a blog are jpeg, pdf, and ppt (PowerPoint).

.pdf format is usually the best option. You can set up a link to a pdf file in a blog post so it will open the pdf when the user clicks on the link.  To do it this way you need to first export/save your original Powerpoint or InDesign file in pdf format, then upload the exported pdf file to the blog. An example:


Many photographers use photoblogs to promote and market their work and services. Photoblogs can be great sources of information and inspiration for photographers, as well as for anyone who likes to look at beautiful images.  This post describes photoblogs and provides some examples. I’ll talk about how to create a photoblog in a future post.

Photoblogs are blogs that are made up primarily of photos. But photoblogs usually includes more than just pictures. (If pictures are the only content you want to publish, it would be easier to use an online photo hosting service like Zenfolio, Smugmug, or Flickr.)

The advantage of a photoblog is that it provides a historical or autobiographical dimension.  Text gives context to the  images. Often a photoblog resembles a journal or a documentary. Photoblogs are a good way to tell a story with your pictures.

Here are a few photoblogs I have looked at and benefited from. Some of these bloggers are quite well known; others aren’t.  Some of the blogs are oriented towards illustrating photography techniques; others are more personal explorations of art and ideas.

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