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Screencasting Solutions

Adobe Captivate 6

What is screencasting and why should I care?

Screencasting refers to recording and publishing desktop activity on your computer.  What used to be screen capturing (a screenshot of a desktop, or part of it) has evolved to include full motion video of desktop activity. Screencasts can be enhanced in various ways, including the addition of callouts and graphics, other images, video, and audio. Screencasting software is great for anyone who wants to create online tutorials, and especially for demonstrations of software.

There are several options for screen capturing and screencasting software, some of which are free (for example, check out Jing from Techsmith).

To do more advanced techniques, such as editing your screencasts or adding interactivity, you will probably have to pay something. Here are a few good options that aren’t free but may be affordable, depending on your budget: Continue reading ‘Screencasting Solutions’